I’m an experienced, British digital designer currently based in Reykjavík, Iceland with a passion for creating intuitive, clean, and user-friendly experiences.

For the last 8 years I have been moving pixels around a screen for a diverse range of private companies, public institutions, freelance clients and of course passion projects.

It's not all work
Since opening Photoshop for the first time, I've been obsessed with expanding my knowledge, exploring new styles, and fine tuning my creative process.

Current tools I use the most:

⭐️ Figma, Origami studio, Adobe creative suite & Notion.

I moved to Reykjavík, Iceland in 2019 and have since been fortunate to experience northern lights, a volcanic eruption and the most unique landscapes.

What I do outside of fonts, grids & components:

Video games
Frontend development
All things tech

Thinking about a project?